Hi and welcome to my personal homepage.


I'm a freelance webdeveloper originating out of Aalborg, Denmark. I've been professional involved in numerous project varing from small design changes to large scale implemantion of critical it-infrastructure. I work in my own company HVIID alongside my business partner Christoffer Hviid Poulsen

Besides my work, I'm very passionate about opensource and go great distances to evangelize open source tools. To me open source is not only a license, it's a design thinking and a way of life.

I don't currently have a stready place to live, I work and live from whereever I am, that being a coach at a friend, the office, my parents or on vacation. By not settling down I free myself of getting stuck and not evolving. I love new challenges to overcome and I'm triggered by finding alternative solutions.

I my union PROSA, currently I'm a boardmember and involved in various projects to modernize the union to the worksituation of the future. I strongly believe every solution should aim at making life better for everybody!

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